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Puppet Master on Ubuntu 14.04 Phusion derivitive
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Installed and ready to sign certs. Commented out template dirs in /etc/puppet/puppet.conf to quell warnings. This is a non passenger puppet master install good for a lab up to 10 nodes.

Docker usage (before agents):

docker run -hit master --name puppet arkeys/phusionpuppetmaster /bin/bash

This will set your hostname to show "master" on the prompt which is handy when you have many terminals opened in a lab. The container nam will be puppet to link and make host entries on your agents intuitive.

In the master container:

puppet master start

netstat -tap  # should show listening on 8140

In another terminal spin up an agent and have it send a cert request (see agent container)
and sign the cert:

puppet cert list

puppet cert sign <cert name listed in request>
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