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Server component for OpenBazaar, for armhf devices
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Run it on your arm device like this (adjust username and password and the data volumes as needed):

docker run -d --net=host \
-e OB_USERNAME=username -e OB_PASSWORD=password \
-v $PWD/.data:/root/.openbazaar -v $PWD/.ssl:/ssl \
-p 18467:18467 -p 18469:18469/udp -p 18466:18466 -p 18470:18470 \ 
--name openbazaar-server armhfbuild/openbazaar-server

When it's running, use SSH port forwarding to connect to it using your local OpenBazaar client:

ssh user@my-device -L 18469:localhost:18469 -L 18466:localhost:18466 -L 18470:localhost:18470

Now you can connect to localhost with your client.

The image was built on a armhf device using the Dockerfile from the official repo, adjusted to use armhf/ubuntu:16.04 as a base image.

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