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Docker image repository


This repository contains my custom docker images.

Some are publics and available as automated build in dockerhub:

Template engine

This template engine is based on what (Roland Huß)[] have done for jolokia
For generating the images a simple node.js based templating script is used.

Initial setup

First you need to install npm to install the required dependencies.
Then, in the project folder, run the folowing script

npm install

It will install all the required dependencies.
Then you'll be able to generate the final automated build Dockerfile from the configuration and the template, by running:

node build.js

Build system

In the base directory of each image, you'll find:

  • One or many *.template files
  • One config.yml used to customize the file generation

Templates use the doT templating library.

Configuration file

The configuration file must be called config.yml and be placed at the root of each image directory.
You can find a complete example here


  • tags: is the list of the generated directories. Each directory corresponds to a docker tag in the automated build system.
  • config: define the config for each image
    • default: is the default config for each image
    • \<tag>: is the specific config for this specific docker tag

If you need to change the version or add a new tag, all you need to do is to update the corresponding config.yml of your image.
Then commit your changes and push it!

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