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Docker image for CouchPotato

This docker image allows to start lastest version of CouchPotato.
Image version used for this image is :


docker run -p 5050:5050 arnaudpiroelle/couchpotato

This will store the workspace in /data. All sync data lives in there.
You will probably want to make that a persistent volume (recommended):

docker run  -p 5050:5050 -v /your/home:/data arnaudpiroelle/couchpotato

This will store the sync data in /your/home on the host.

If you want to share a folder of an external container, you can share folders with the media volume:

docker run  -p 5050:5050 -v /your/media/folder:/media arnaudpiroelle/couchpotato

Known Problems

As CouchPotato routinely updates itself, the Docker container will stop to run after an update. This is because CouchPotato restarts itself in the process and a Docker container stops once the initially running process ends. When that happends, you need to restart the container named 'couchpotato' with

docker start couchpotato

Starting with Docker 1.3, you can now use the --restart=always flag to let Docker handle the automatic restart of the container.

docker run -d -p 5050:5050 -v /your/media/folder:/media --name couchpotato arnaudpiroelle/couchpotato --restart=always
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