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Extends aronahl/eclipse_j2ee to include python and golang.
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Extends my docker build of Eclipse for Java 2 EE Developers accessible via xpra to include python, golang, and the docker toolset.


  • The build checks the sha512 signature of the eclipse download to ensure the download mirror hasn't been compromised.
  • The eclipse process won't start until an xpra client attaches. This keeps DPI sane, which is especially important if you have a HighDPI monitor.
  • Preinstalls pydev
  • Preinstall goclipse

Recommended Usage

  1. Start the container.

     $ docker run --rm -it -p -v eclipse:/opt/eclipse -v ~/workspace:/opt/workspace -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock aronahl/eclipse_j2ee
    • The eclipse install will be copied to the eclipse volume.
      • If no eclipse volume exists, it will be created and filled with a copy of eclipse from the image.
      • You'll want to keep the eclipse volume around to persist any updates or package installs between runs.
    • The workspace will exist in a local workspace subdir of your home directory.
  2. Attach to tcp:localhost:9999 with an xpra client.

  3. Configure go and python.

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