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Automated Netdata Image built from alpine-s6 on a Raspberry Pi 3/Intel NUC.
Full Description


Container for Netdata System Monitor / Web UI.

Image for Netdata Container, to monitor the host in
real time.

Enabled some plugins for some additional info like iptables,
docker monitoring etc. Enabled Graphite forwarder. By default, the
device.conf is used as fallback configuration to the default
depending on whether its mounted, if a <hostname>.conf exists,
that is used instead. Check the makefile for more info.

Auto updates according to their github releases.

Usually coupled with my alpine-grafana running on a separate
container when needed while another central alpine-influxdb
container keeps eating from a bunch of these instances running on
various machines.

Based on Alpine Linux

The image is tagged respectively for 2 architectures,

  • armhf
  • x86_64

Get the Image

Pull the image for your architecture it's already available from
Docker Hub.

# make pull
docker pull arpanpal010/alpine-netdata:x86_64


# make
# docker run --rm -it \
  --name docker_netdata --hostname netdata \
  -e PGID=100 -e PUID=1000 \
  -p 19999:19999 \
  -v hostname.conf:/etc/netdata/netdata.conf \ #(optional)
  -v /etc/hosts:/etc/hosts:ro \
  -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
  -e TZ=Asia/Kolkata \
  --cap-add SYS_PTRACE \
  -v /proc:/host/proc:ro \
  -v /sys:/host/sys:ro \

# make stop
docker stop -t 2 docker_netdata

# make rm
# stop first
docker rm -f docker_netdata

# make restart
docker restart docker_netdata

Shell access

# make rshell
docker exec -u root -it docker_netdata /bin/bash

# make shell
docker exec -it docker_netdata /bin/bash

# make logs
docker logs -f docker_netdata


PS: this bit is for dev only as you need the files from the

# make systemd
# add systemd.service as a service if it exists, load it, and start or restart
# it if already running.

# make logs
docker logs -f docker_netdata

# make clean
# cleanup exited containers
# cleanup dangling volumes
# cleanup dangling images

# make update
# update all images in current machine (if updates are available at
the hub).

# make updateall
# update all images in all machines listed (if updates are available at
the hub).


If you have the repository access, you can clone and
build the image yourself for your own system, and can push after.


Before you clone the repo, you must have Git, GNU make,
and Docker setup on the machine.

git clone <repository url>
cd <repository>

You can always skip installing make but you will have to
type the whole docker commands then instead of using the sweet
make targets.


To locally build the image for your system.

# make build
  docker build --rm --force-rm \
  -t arpanpal010/alpine-netdata:x86_64
  --no-cache=true --pull .

# make push
docker push arpanpal010/alpine-netdata:x86_64


Currently built daily on a RaspberryPi3 (armhf builds) or IntelNUC (x64 builds). Docker hub builds maintained by arpanpal010.

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