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An image for Geant4 using Ubuntu Latest
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Geant4 Docker

This image contains a pre-built version of Geant4 v10.3.1 with environment variables set for connecting to the datasets. The examples included with the framework, which can be found using the environment variable $G4CPPEXAMPLES, can be built by creating a directory in the user area and running:

g4_cmake $G4CPPEXAMPLES/path/to/example
make -j8

Also included within the .bashrc is a new alias g4_gen_cmake_list which creates a very basic CMakeLists.txt file so you can build other basic G4 projects.


Run the image in the following way to ensure X11 support for visualization:
docker run -i -e DISPLAY=unix$DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -t <name of image>


g4Py has also been installed in this container. To test run:
python -c "import Geant4, g4py"
or try one of the examples listed under the new environment variable $G4PYTHONEXAMPLES.

[NEW] DAWN Installed

The Drawer for Academic WritiNgs has been installed onto the container, to view a .prim geometry:
dawn <geometry>.prim

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