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Image used for vagrant environments.
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Vagrant environments

This is repository with test environments I use for some tests or even development tasks. Usualy I place the git clones in the share folder and work inside the vagrant environments to avoid project specific things on my host system and to ensure I do not influence something by any configuration of my host system.

This environments are created with Vagrant and support two providers: docker and virtualbox.

How to use

cd centos-7-64
# select docker as provider
vagrant up --provider=docker
# select virtualbox as provider
vagrant up --provider=virtualbox

You can add some local settings by creating vagrant.local.rb. Content of this file is evaluated in scope of Vagrant.configure. Example:

# Add another synced_folder
config.vm.synced_folder '../../another-share', '/home/vagrant/another-share'

There are some further examples in the folder examples.


Please use GitHub Pull requests for this.

License and copyright

Copyright 2015 Artem Sidorenko and contributors.

See the COPYRIGHT file at the top-level directory of this distribution
and at

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