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SMB/CIFS file server, packed into a Docker container.

Samba will write to the mounted volumes using the user and group of the base directory.


docker run -d -p 137:137/udp -p 138:138/udp -p 139:139 -p 445:445 -e "SMB_USER=[..user..]" -e "SMB_PASSWORD=[..password..]" --volumes-from [..include your volumes here..] arthurl/samba-docker [..list of directories to share..]

Real life example---I am running the ipython/notebook docker container (with container name ipython), and I want to allow users to access the /notebooks directory via SMB with the username myuser and password mypassword. I would then execute

docker run -d -p 137:137/udp -p 138:138/udp -p 139:139 -p 445:445 -e "SMB_USER=myuser" -e "SMB_PASSWORD=mypassword" --volumes-from ipython arthurl/samba-docker /notebooks

iPython should have no problems opening files transferred via this manner, because the file ownership should be correctly set by the script.


A good amount of code was copied from SvenDowideit's dockerfiles repo (namely the samba setup script).

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