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Run Ansible from a Docker image

This image allows you to run Ansible without installing it on your local machine.

It assumes:

  • The Ansible playbooks are located somewhere within the users home directory
  • SSH keys end with _rsa


These aliases can be used to have the Ansible Docker image behave like a local installation of Ansible

alias ansible='docker run -it --rm -m 128m -v ${HOME}:${HOME}:ro -v ${HOME}/.ssh:/ssh:ro -w ${PWD} cargonauts/ansible ansible'
alias ansible-playbook='docker run -it --rm -m 128m -v ${HOME}:${HOME}:ro -v ${HOME}/.ssh:/ssh:ro -w ${PWD} cargonauts/ansible ansible-playbook'
alias ansible-vault='docker run -it --rm -m 128m -v ${HOME}:${HOME}:ro -v ${HOME}/.ssh:/ssh:ro -w ${PWD} cargonauts/ansible ansible-vault'
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2 years ago

i've written a very simple jinja2 filter plugin that use pyjq. adding pyjq to the image.

import pyjq

def jq(j, l):
    return pyjq.first(l,j)

class FilterModule(object):
    def filters(self):
        return {
            'jq': jq,