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RAML Store

fork raml-store. but instead of saving to mongodb, it saves to the filesystem directly.



To use

node server.js

assuming RAML_PORT is set to 3000 and RAML_DATAPATH is set to /var/raml, access http://localhost:3000, all files in /var/raml will be listed in the designer.

Running docker container

docker run -d --name raml-store
-e "RAML_DATAPATH=/var/raml"
-v /var/raml:/var/raml
-p 3000:3000

assuming you've checked out your RAML files to /var/raml from your git repo.

Reason doing this

instead of keeping the RAML files in a database, I'd like to keep them in github so we can perform code review without worrying about permission, merging,...


the code to walk the directory is basically copied from stackoverflow

hadesbox's fork of raml-store also helps a lot

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