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Fluentd Log Collector For Kubernetes

This image captures logs from Docker containers,
enriches with Kubernetes metadata & pushes to the
specified Elasticsearch service deployed in your
Kubernetes environment.

You can configure behaviour via the following environment

  • ELASTICSEARCH_SERVICE_NAME - the name of the Kubernetes
    service to send data to (default: ELASTICSEARCH)
  • ELASTICSEARCH_SCHEME - http or https
  • ELASTICSEARCH_USER - user to connect with
  • ELASTICSEARCH_PASSWORD - password to connect with
  • FLUENTD_FLUSH_INTERVAL - how often to flush fluentd data
    (default: 60s)
  • FLUENTD_FLUSH_THREADS - number of threads to use to flush
    logs (default: 1)
  • FLUENTD_RETRY_LIMIT - number of retries on flush failures
    (default: 10)
  • FLUENTD_RETRY_WAIT - time to wait between retries (default:
  • FLUENTD_BUFFER_CHUNK_LIMIT - max buffer chunk size (default:
  • FLUENTD_BUFFER_QUEUE_LIMIT - max buffer queue size (default:
  • FLUENTD_BUFFER_TYPE - buffer type: memory or file
    (default: memory)
  • FLUENTD_BUFFER_PATH - buffer file path if using a file
    buffer (default: /var/fluentd/buffer)

For more information on Fluentd buffer plugins & options, see

Docker Pull Command