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ABANDONED: use the weaveworks builds with ARM tag...
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@@Get weave networking working on k8s / kubernetes 1.6 with RBAC on ARM (armhf)

Weave Kubernetes for ARM

Tested with kubernetes 1.6.4.


On RBAC enabled system, use my precrafted kube resource:

$ kubectl create -f
clusterrole "weave-net" created
serviceaccount "weave-net" created
clusterrolebinding "weave-net" created
daemonset "weave-net" created


After a while observe your kubenetes cluster to change from NotReady to Ready:

47ed9a93-9862-42cd-b28d-5cdf5c3b1860   Ready     10m       v1.6.4
84d8f826-3daf-40c1-9ce6-854601161768   Ready     9m        v1.6.4
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