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Apache Zeppelin image.
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Getting Started

  1. Start Zeppelin:

    docker run --rm --name=zeppelin -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 \
    -v ~/metrics:/srv/metrics/:ro \
    -d asarkar/zeppelin:0.7.0

    This exposes the Web UI on port 8080 and mounts host directory ~/metrics to /srv/metrics/ in the container.

  2. Go to http://localhost:8080 and create a new note. Give it a name.

    The option may not be available until the circle on the right upper corner turns green.

  3. To load a bunch of JSON files, type the following and run it (using the > button). This uses a built-in Spark interpreter (the default).

    val df ="/srv/metrics/*.json")

    This creates a temp table named metrics that you can query. To learn more about Sprak SQL, see this.

    1. Spark will automatically infer the schema. To see the schema, run df.printSchema().
    2. To pass arguments to the Scala compiler, for example to view deprecation warnings, go to http://localhost:8080/#/interpreter, click "edit", and add -deprecation to the args property.
  4. In another paragraph, start writing queries. For example:

    %sql select age, count(1) from metrics where age < 30 group by age order by age

    More examples can be found here: Zeppelin Tutorial

    The output can be visualized in tabular or one of various graphical formats.

    Column names with periods in them have to be escaped by enclosing in backticks.

    See actuator-meets-zeppelin project for examples.

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