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DNS based service discovery for docker inspired by skydock.

Rainbow-dock uses rainbow-dns combined with a simple populator to produce a dns based service discovery tool for your docker installation :rainbow::rocket:

RUN rainbow-dock

docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 53:53 -p 53:53/udp -d asbjornenge/rainbow-dock --domain internal.domain --apihost --dnshost --fwdhost

For more options check out the rainbow-dns documentation.

RUN rainbow-dock-populator

The next step is to run rainbow-dock-populator. It will query your docker host(s)
and populate rainbow-dock with the results.

    docker run -d asbjornenge/rainbow-dock-populator --dockerhost --apihost [rainbow-dock-container-or-host-ip]:port

You can now <code>dig @[rainbow-dock-container-or-host-ip] "*.internal.domain"</code>.

Service discovery

If your containers use rainbow-dock as their default dns service, they can discover each other using dns names, like the internet!
You can configure that in a few different ways, read up on that here.

And that is all. You now have dns based service discovery for your docker installation.


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