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Runs the PokemonGo-Map tool
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Further details on PokemonGo-Map can be found here:

Dockerfiles for these images can be found here:


This will pull the latest code from the repository on start. Any restarts of the container will cause it to pull the latest changes. The following images available for use:

  • ashex/pokemongo-map:develop - Pulls the develop branch
  • ashex/pokemongo-map:latest - Most recent tagged release (see Tags for release versions)

For the latest features use the develop tag.

Latest is a built static image while develop is dynamic, pulling in changes from the repository.


Passing settings

You can either pass settings via arguments that the tool supports or with Environmental variables. If you prefer to use environment variables you need to prepend the variable with POKEMON_. For example:

docker run -d -P \
   --name pokemongo-map \
   -e "POKEMON_USERNAME=UserName" \
   -e "POKEMON_PASSWORD=Password" \
   -e "POKEMON_LOCATION=Seattle, WA" \
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