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Upsource image - describes the installation steps.

Brings the Upsource repository browser and code review tool to Ubuntu.
(a fork of gmetal/upsource)

To use it:

docker pull ashushunov/upsource

or build image from Dockerfile

sudo docker build --tag ashushunov/upsource --rm .

The Upsource version is 2.0.3462. It is installed in /usr/local/upsource.

Folder to Upsource data is /opt/upsource_data will be created automatically.

Run a container

sudo docker run \
-d \
--restart=always \
-p 8080:8080 \
--name upsource \
-v /opt/upsource_data/conf:/usr/local/upsource/conf \
-v /opt/upsource_data/data:/usr/local/upsource/data \
-v /opt/upsource_data/logs:/usr/local/upsource/logs \
-v /opt/upsource_data/backups:/usr/local/upsource/backups \
ashushunov/upsource /usr/local/upsource/bin/
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