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Load balancing setup with nginx on Alpine with s6, consul and more.
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Load balancing setup on Alpine with s6, consul and more. Many thanks to smebberson/alpine-nginx for the base setup of alpine+nginx.

Currently the very first version only supports load balancing between multiple nodes of a service named "web". This is a temporary config freeze.

In order to setup a custom template, you can edit etc/consul-template/nginx.conf


Setup registrator and consul.

docker run -d --name consul --publish 8300:8300 --publish 8600:53/udp --publish 8500:8500 --publish 8400:8400  gliderlabs/consul-server:0.6 -bootstrap -advertise -client
docker run -d --name registrator --link consul --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock gliderlabs/registrator:latest -internal consul://consul:8500

Finally kick off the load balancer.

docker run -d --name load-balancer --publish 80:80 --publish 443:443 --link consul --link registrator load-balancer


docker build -t nginx-consul .
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