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Lightweight HTPC portal
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NodeJS version of Muximux and Managethis

Getting Started



# Clone the repository or download the ZIP and extract it
git clone
# Install dependencies
cd manage-this-node
npm install


It's a good idea to run npm install to avoid any problems.


# Copy config.json.template to config.json
cp config.json.template config.json

In config.json fill in the port you want to use if you don't want to use port 3000.

Everything else can be handled when the app is running via the settings menu.

Important note: If you must change the config.json file by hand, restart the app to see the changes.

Start the app

# Start the app
npm start

Open localhost:3000 in your browser to see the app.

Running forever

To have the app run forever in the background

# Install forever
npm install forever -g

# Run
forever start ./bin/www

# Stop
forever stop ./bin/www

Goto localhost:3000 to see the app.


A dockerfile for this has been provided by chimpchimp here

App Specific Workarounds

By Default Emby sends a header that prevents loading in an iframe.


  • Edit C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\config\system.xml
  • Look for <DenyIFrameEmbedding>true</DenyIFrameEmbedding> replace true with false
  • Should look like <DenyIFrameEmbedding>false</DenyIFrameEmbedding>
  • Save the file and restart Emby

Additional Information


Feel free to fork this and submit a PR with your code changes.


It is strongly advised if this WebApp is open to the outside world use Basic Auth (.htpasswd / .htaccess). Your URLs (and passwords) are exposed in the HTML source.

Known Issues

  • Problem: Nothing is displaying, Solution: Disable Adblock/uBlock and Ghostery/Privacy Badger for the website.
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