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MariaDB MaxScale for docker based on CentOS 7
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This project is a Docker container for MaxScale.

Base docker image to run a MaxScale server

MariaDB MaxScale is an open-source, database-centric proxy that works with MariaDB Enterprise, MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, MariaDB 5.5, MariaDB 10 and Oracle MySQL®. 
It’s pluggable architecture is designed to increase flexibility and aid customization. Built upon a lightweight, high-speed networking core designed to facilitate throughput.
MariaDB MaxScale runs between the client application and the database cluster offering connection and statement-based load balancing. 
MariaDB MaxScale allows scaling of an organization's database infrastructure while keeping the needs of DBAs, Developers and Data Architects in mind.

Getting the container

The container is very small and available on the Docker Index:

docker pull asosso/maxscale

Using the container

Just trying out MaxScale.

If you just want to run a single instance of MaxScale server to try out its functionality:

docker run -d asosso/maxscale

Build the container

To create the image asosso/maxscale, execute the following command on the maxscale-docker folder:

docker build -t asosso/maxscale .



Contributions are welcome.

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  5. Create new Pull Request


Copyright 2015 Andrea Sosso
Licensed under the MIT License

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