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Docker image for running Tableau WDC examples.
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Tableau Web Data Connector. Developer samples and tools. Also a list of connectors created by the Tableau developer community.

Getting Started

Coming Soon!

Want to see what's coming next for the WDC? In a future Tableau release, we will be releasing version 2.0 of the web data connector API.
This content is currently in beta and you can learn more here!

Hosted WDC Simulator

You can run the Simulator locally or use the hosted one here:

Hosted WDC Simulator

On WDC Versioning

The hosted simulator requires that web data connectors be using version 1.1.1 of the WDC API. If you need to run a WDC that uses 1.1.0, you can use the old simulator.

In Tableau Desktop versions 9.1 and 9.2, we had a bug that caused the WDC platform to not respect versioning. If you are using a Desktop verion before 9.1.6 or before 9.2.4, you will see the following error when connecting to a WDC using 1.1.0. "The version of Tableau that you are using cannot use the web data connector that you are trying to access. The connector requires at least version '1.1.1' of the web data connector API." Please upgrade to the latest maintenance patch if you encounter this.

All of the hosted development samples have been upgraded to 1.1.1 so that they can be used in the new simulator. However, we left the Google Sheets sample at 1.1.0 to minimize the impact for users who are actively using this web data connector and have not yet upgraded to the latest maintenance version. The Google Sheets example has also been moved into the community section to reflect this.

Soon we will be incrementing the WDC API more frequently, so we will add a lookup table here that shows which WDC API versions work with which Tableau Desktop and Server versions. Moving forward, a specific Desktop minor version, i.e. 9.3, will work with any WDC of the corresponding minor version (9.3. will work with 1.1.).

Official Tableau WDC Samples

These are the samples created and maintained by Tableau.

"Hosted URL" can be used to run the connector in Tableau or in the Simulator.

Name Data Source Source Code Hosted URL
Incremental Update Connector N/A Examples IncrementalUpdateConnector.html
JSON Connector N/A Examples jsonConnector.html
Mad Money Scraper Connector Mad Money Stock Picks Examples MadMoneyScraper.html
Socrata Connector Socrata Examples SocrataConnector.html
Stock Quote Connector Yahoo! Stock Data Examples StockQuoteConnector_final.html
XML Connector Any XML file Examples xmlConnector.html

Community Created Connectors

These are connectors created and maintained by the community. Not endorsed or supported by Tableau.

Name of Connector Data Source Author Source Code Hosted URL
AWS CloudWatch CloudWatch David F. Severski Tableau WDC for CloudWatch N/A
DoubleClick Campaign Manager DCM by Google Eric Peterson dcm-dfa-wdc DCM/DFA WDC
Elastic Search Elastic Search Adam Lacey mradamlacey N/A
Fitbit Craig Bloodworth N/A Fitbit WDC
Flickr Flickr Zeki Melek tableau-wdc-flickr N/A
GitHub GitHub API Martin Keerman github-data-connector GitHub WDC
Google Sheets Connector Google Sheets Ivo Salmre Source GoogleSheetsConnector.html Robert Rouse N/A WDC
Kimono Kimono Franz Amador wdc KimonoConnector.html Justin Dallal jdallal/LastFM-Web-Data-Connector N/A
Mapbox Craig Bloodworth N/A Mapbox WDC
Microsoft Health Microsoft Health Ben Lower tableau-wdc-mshealth N/A
Moves App Moves App Craig Bloodworth N/A Moves App WDC
New Relic Insights Insights Query API Eric Peterson insights-data-connector NR Insights WDC
Quandl Craig Bloodworth N/A Quandl WDC
Reddit Justin Dallal jdallal/Reddit-Web-Data-Connector N/A
Runkeeper Craig Bloodworth N/A Runkeeper WDC
Seattle/King County Restaurant Inspections King County Ben Lower tableau-wdc-kcfoodinspection foodInspectionWDC.html
Stripe Stripe API Benji Schwartz-Gilbert stripe-web-data-connector Stripe WDC
Square Square API Samm Desmond WDC Square WDC
Tfl BikesPoint James Dunkerley jdunkerley Tfl BikesPoint WDC
Travis CI Travis CI API Eric Peterson travis-data-connector Travis CI WDC
Trello Kanban Trello Alex Baldini WDC NA
Twitter Users Twitter API Samm Desmond WDC Twitter WDC
United States Census Data Census Data Addy Naik Census WDC Census WDC


Here are a few great WDC resources that might be helpful for developement.

Resource Author Type
Better WDC Performance with Promises Eric Peterson Tutorial
generator-web-data-connector Eric Peterson Development Tools
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