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MongoDB sink
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Aries Integration for MongoDB Sink

This is an integration to store data in MongoDB.


  • Database: Database in which to update/insert information.
  • Collection: Collection in which to update/insert information.
  • UniqueAttributes: List of unique attribute strings that make up 'key' (optional)
  • Drop: Boolean value that determines whether or not to drop colleciton before insert/update. Set to true to drop. (optional)
  • ReplicaSet: String value which specifies the name of a replica set. (optional)
    "config": {
      "database": "test_database",
      "collection": "test_collection",
      "uniqueAttributes": ["id", "otherId"],
      "replicaSet": "test-mongodb-shard-0"


  • Host: The url of the Mongo instance.
  • Port: The port of the Mongo instance.
  • User: The username, used for authentication.
  • Password: The password associated with the user account.
  • AuthMechanism: The auth mechanism used for authentication. SCRAM-SHA-1 is the default. (optional)
  • AuthSource: The database used for authentication. If not specified then the database specified in config is used with admin as a final fallback. (optional)
  • SSL: Whether or not the connection uses SSL. Default false. (optional)
    "connection" : {
      "host" : "",
      "port" : 27017,
      "username" : "username",
      "password" : "password",
      "authSource" : "auth_database",
      "authMechanism": "MONGODB-CR",
      "ssl": true



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