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Mongodb source.
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#Aries Integration for MongoDB (Source)

This is an integration to retrieve data from MongoDB.

This integration takes in 6 required parameters and 1 optional parameter that can be used to modify the data being requested.

The collection name for the group of documents inside of the Mongo database.

"collection" : "test_collection"

The query to be run on the database. Leave {} to select all.

"query": {}


  • Host: The url of the Mongo database.
  • Port: The port of the database.
  • User: The username, used for authentication.
  • Password: The password associated with the user account.
  • Database: The database where data should be stored.
    "connection" : {
      "host" : "",
      "port" : 27017,
      "user" : "root",
      "password" : "veryinsecure",
      "database" : "test_database"

This is an example response with no query on the given collection name.




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