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Streamspot source.
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#Aries Integration for Streamspot

This is an integration for Streamspot. The integration pulls in the daily metric of the broadcast for the given date.

This integration uses one method, request. This method is called by default.

This integration takes in 2 required parameters and 1 optional parameter that can be used to modify the data being requested.

###Broadcaster ID
The broadcaster ID is the id associated with your streamspot broadcast. The broadcast ID will be given during setup.

"broadcasterId": "test1234"

###API Key
The api key is the key associated with your streamspot account. The api key will be given during setup.

"authToken": "73914a4d-4a12-87j3-83b6-982iejae87uj"

The date parameter is the date to retrieve metrics for the specified broadcaster ID. Format is YYYY-MM-DD. Default is the day before the activity runs.

"date": "2016-08-09"

Streamspot's REST API outputs responses in JSON. The following is a single record from a raw query response of one date.

        "id": 4603934,
        "clientId": "1001161292",
        "ssId": "crossr4915",
        "ipAddress": "",
        "streamName": "amazons3/streamspotvod1/0e4175ce_crossr4915_01-05-2016.mp4",
        "streamType": "HTTP_CUPERTINO",
        "bitRate": 849853,
        "startDate": "2016-04-27 00:16:20",
        "endDate": "2016-04-27 00:16:54",
        "userAgent": "Roku/DVP-7.10 (047.10E04062A)",
        "userAgentFamily": "Other",
        "userAgentVersion": "null",
        "osFamily": "Other",
        "osVersion": "null",
        "deviceFamily": "Other",
        "userAgentDescription": "Other null/Other null",
        "url": null,
        "live": null,
        "seconds": 34,
        "city": "Cincinnati",
        "state": "OH",
        "postalCode": "45245",
        "country": "United States",
        "contentType": "On-Demand"


  • [ ] Add date range method to pull multiple historical dates.
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