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Augmented Traffic Control in a Docker container
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A Dockerfile that installs the atc stack.


The easiest way to get this image is to run

docker run -it --privileged --net=host --rm atcd/atc

Building the image

If you prefer to build the image yourself:

git clone
cd augmented-traffic-control/docker
docker build -t="${USER}/atc" .


ATC modifies the network of the host it is running on. As such, it MUST
run with the following options: --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --net=host.

There is currently 2 environment variables:

  • ATCD_WAN (default eth0)
  • ATCD_LAN (default eth1)
  • ATCD_MODE (default secure)
  • ATCD_BURST_SIZE (default 12000)
  • ATCD_OPTIONS (default empty) free form options to pass to atcd

To run atcd with the default settings:

docker run -it --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --net=host --rm atcd/atc

To change which interface to use for WAN access (internet) or LAN, you can modify
ATCD_WAN and ATCD_LAN environment variables. For example:

docker run -it --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --net=host --rm -e ATCD_LAN=wlan1 -e ATCD_WAN=em1 atcd/atc

You can then access ATC UI at:

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