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Image to run the ATLauncher Discord Bot which runs on our official Discord server
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This is the code for our Discord bot which runs on our official Discord server at


First things first you must have at least NodeJS 8.4.0. We highly recommend you use
NVM if on a unix like system as you can simply run
nvm use in order to use the correct version of NodeJS.

Next clone this repo to a directory and then run npm install to install all the dependencies
needed to run the bot.

Lastly copy the config/config.json.example file to config/config.json and fill out as

Once installed you can run npm run dev to start the bot and auto reload when any changes are made
to files.


To build this bot ready for running in production simply run npm run build which will compile all
the files in the src/ directory and run it through Babel and spit it out in the dist/ directory.

Once built simply run npm run start which will run the index.js file in the dist/ folder.


This repository contains support for Docker. Simply run docker build to build a Docker image ready
to use.

Alternatively we have an automated build running on our Docker Hub repo at accessed with identifier atlauncher/discord-bot.

Including config

In order to use the docker image, configs must be provided at the /app/config/ directory. Use
this image as a base image and then add in your configs or you can alternatively provide a base64
encoded string of the config in the DISCORD_BOT_CONFIG environment variable. You can easily
generate this from your config/config.json file by running npm run config:base64.


This bot can use one of two different types of database:

  • AWS DynamoDB (remote)
  • NEDB (local)

To use AWS DynamoDB, put the following into your config.js file:

    "db": {
        "messages": {
            "params": {
                "TableName": ""
            "region": "us-west-2",
            "accessKeyId": "",
            "secretAccessKey": ""
        "users": {
            "params": {
                "TableName": ""
            "region": "us-west-2",
            "accessKeyId": "",
            "secretAccessKey": ""

To use the local NEDB you don't need to do anything. Just keep the db section in the config empty.
It will store all the data locally in the db/ directory.


If you wish to contribute, please see the file in the root of this repository.


This code is licensed under the MIT license. For more details see the LICENSE file in the root
of this repository.

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