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Etherpad Lite image for docker

This is a docker image for Etherpad Lite collaborative
text editor.
This image is based with tvelocity/etherpad-lite.
Customize for "-e" option only on docker run. It don't need link to mysql container.


First you need a running mysql container, for example:

$ docker run -d -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password --name ep_mysql mysql

Finally you can start an instance of Etherpad Lite:

$ docker run -d -e "MYSQL_HOST=" -e "MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP_ADDR=3306" -e "MYSQL_ENV_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password" -p 9001:9001 atoato88/etherpad-lite

This will create an etherpad database to the mysql container, if it does not
already exist. You can now access Etherpad Lite from http://localhost:9001/

Environment variables

This image supports the following environment variables:

  • ETHERPAD_TITLE: Title of the Etherpad Lite instance. Defaults to "Etherpad".
  • ETHERPAD_SESSION_KEY: Session key for the Etherpad Lite configuraition. You
    can set this in case of migrating from another installation. A value is
    automatically generated by default.

  • ETHERPAD_ADMIN_PASSWORD: If set, an admin account is enabled for Etherpad,
    and the /admin/ interface is accessible via it.

  • ETHERPAD_ADMIN_USER: If the admin password is set, this defaults to "admin".
    Otherwise the user can set it to another username.

  • ETHERPAD_DB_USER: By default Etherpad Lite will attempt to connect as root
    to the mysql container. This allows to change this.

  • ETHERPAD_DB_PASSWORD: The password for the mysql user. If the root user is
    used, then the password will default to the mysql container's
  • ETHERPAD_DB_NAME: The mysql database to use. Defaults to etherpad. If the
    database is not available, it will be created when the container is launched.

The generated settings.json file will be available as a volume under

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