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Ubuntu 16.04 with XFCE4 and noVNC in a docker container.
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This is an Ubuntu 18.04 desktop with XFCE4 and NOVNC in a docker container.


Obtaining the docker image

If you want to build it yourself.

git clone
cd dockerdesktopnovnc
docker build -t atomney/dockerdesktopnovnc .

You can also pull it without building by

docker pull atomney/dockerdesktopnovnc

Running the docker image

docker run -td -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -p 80:6080 atomney/dockerdesktopnovnc

There is also an included script that contains the above command.

chmod +x
./ --start

Accessing the noVNC interface

If you used my start script for your container, it will be listening on port 80
Just point your browser at:


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