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Runs ruby-git-commits-analyzer hourly and pushes updated git contribution stats to a separate repo.
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Docker Image for ruby-git-commits-analyzer

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A Docker image that runs ruby-git-commits-analyzer on a regular basis and pushes updated git contribution statistics to a separate repo.

docker pull aubertg/ruby-git-commits-analyzer-docker
docker run \
    -v /my/host/git/repos/directory/:/data \
    -v /my/host/ssh/deploy/dir:/home/gca/.ssh \
    -t \
    -d \
    --name=GitContributionsAnalyzer \
    -e GCA_COMMIT_NAME="Git Analyzer" \
    -e GCA_COMMIT_EMAIL="" \
    -e GCA_OUTPUT_REPO="" \
    -e GCA_OUTPUT_DIR="data/" \


The container supports the following volumes:

  • /data (required)
    A directory where all the git repositories to analyze are stored.

  • /home/gca/.ssh (optional)
    A directory that holds the ssh configuration required to push commits to the
    output repository.

Environment Variables

The container is configurable through the following environment variables:

  • GCA_TIMEZONE (optional)
    Timezone for the processes; defaults to America/Los_Angeles.

  • GCA_ANALYZE_AUTHOR (required)
    The commit email address of the author whose contributions you are analyzing.

  • GCA_COMMIT_NAME (required)
    The name to use to commit updates to the output repository.

  • GCA_COMMIT_EMAIL (required)
    The email to use to commit updates to the output repository.

  • GCA_OUTPUT_REPO (required)
    URL of the git repository to which updated contribution statistics should be

  • GCA_OUTPUT_DIR (required)
    Inside of GCA_OUTPUT_REPO, the relative path of the directory in which
    contribution statistics should be stored.

    Set this to yes to trigger an analysis on container startup; defaults to no.


Copyright (C) 2017 Guillaume Aubert.


This software is released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for


I am providing code in this repository to you under an open source license.
Because this is my personal repository, the license you receive to my code is
from me and not from my employer (Facebook).

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