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A Botkit-powered Slackbot
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A Slackbot using the Botkit npm package. Created for the Reddit Casual team.


From Slack

!live oh hai loganz
// returns xbox live gamertag status

!urban word
// returns a definition from urban dictionary

!img|!gif word
// returns an image based on your search term

// returns "Pong!" and bot uptime; mainly for testing

!seen username
// returns the last time a person was seen on Slack and their last message


This bot needs a few environment variables to run correctly. Check out the env file for a template and descriptions.

Either clone this directory and run it with npm start or if you have Docker installed, ensure you have a populated .env file and run:

docker-compose build casbot-dev
docker-compose up casbot-dev #ensures both casbot and mongodb containers are started

# subsequent starts (that is, if the mongodb container is still running) are probably better to start with:
docker-compose run --rm casbot-dev
# This ensure the container is deleted after it's stopped

One only has to build once since casbot-dev builds the development Dockerfile, which mounts this directory to the container so changes on one's local machine are reflected in the container.

Run docker ps to see the exposed port number.


The bot currently lives on a Digital Ocean droplet and is deployed with Docker using a similar command to the one above.

On the droplet, ensure the .env is present and populated, then from within the cloned repo:

 docker-compose up casbot-prod
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