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Short Description
A Capistrano deployment container used for August Ash initiatives.
Full Description

This Capistrano container is not currently aimed at public consumption. It exists as an internal tool for August Ash deployments and is built upon Phusion.


This image is built to allow easy deployment of Capistrano 2 based projects without requiring the necessary Ruby environment locally. This container assumes your Capfile contains the Github repository URL configured to authenticate using a personal access token. If you don't have one,


To properly run this container you need to specify an environment file that contains your Github personal access token. Create a file called capistrano.env in your project directory that looks like:



The container is set to function as the Capistrano process. By default the --tasks switch is passed and will display the available tasks to run. We're using the multistage extension. Navigate to your project directory containing your Capfile and deploy.

Using Docker Compose:

docker-compose run --rm capistrano {staging,production} deploy

Using Docker:

docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/src --env-file=capistrano.env augustash/capistrano-deploy:legacy {staging,production} deploy
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