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Teamcity build agent for android with emulator support
Full Description

Teamcity build agent

This is a teamcity build agent docker image, it uses docker in docker from to allow you to start docker images inside of it :)
When starting the image as container you must set the TEAMCITY_SERVER environment variable to point to the teamcity server e.g.

docker run -e TEAMCITY_SERVER=http://localhost:8111

Optionally you can specify your ownaddress using the TEAMCITY_OWN_ADDRESS variable.

Linking example

docker run -d --name=teamcity-agent-android-1 --link teamcity:teamcity --privileged -e TEAMCITY_SERVER=http://teamcity:8111 auras/teamcity-agent-android:latest

What is inside

  • Android Build tools, ndk-bundle, cmake 3.6.3155560, lldb 2.3, fastlane, ruby 2.3, oracle jdk8, google repositories
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