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Build image for autharl_core libraries.
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AUTh-ARL Core Stack

This repository includes the core packages that we are using in the lab. Core
packages means that can be useful in different experiments and setups. The
repository is private and for internal use within the lab.

Here you can find the change log for all the releases. We use
the Semantic Versioning Specifications for release

The documentation for the latest release can be found here. For the latest master you need to produce it locally with doxygen Doxyfile inside the repository. Then see docs/html/index.html.


From version v0.7 the master branch is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic. If you want to use older code which works with Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS Indigo, you should use a version older than v0.6.4, e.g.:

git checkout v0.6.4


The basic structure of the repository is as follows. Each directory includes its
own README file with more details.

  • Core Library: A C++ library including robot interface,
    math/geometry libraries, robot visualization etc.
  • KUKA LWR packages: ROS packages for controlling the KUKA
  • ATI Sensor packages: ROS packages for reading data from the
    ATI F/T sensor, including its 3D model for the URDF.
  • BarrettHand packages: ROS packages controlling the
    BarrettHand BH8-282.
  • Robot Descriptions: In this ROS package we have models
    for the handle, the ASUS xtion camera mounted on the KUKA etc for using it in
  • MuJoCo: Package for using MuJoCo Physics Engine.
  • MoveIt! Configs: Includes MoveIt! configuration ROS packages for
    our robots. Enables the use of motion planning using MoveIt! with LWR,
    BarrettHand etc.
  • Examples: Examples for using the above codebase. You can use the
    examples as a base for your own code.


Before contributing to this repository please check the contributing guidelines.

If you experienced a bug, identified a missing feature, missing examples,
missing or false documentation please create a new branch and try to fix
. If you do not have time to fix it by yourself immediately please open
a github issue
. This way we can keep track of issues that need to be fixed in
the future and not forget them.


Clone your repository inside your catkin workspace and run the install script:

git clone
cd autharl_core

If you want full installation use the -a flag:

./ -a

Do not use the full installation option in computers that BarrettHand is
already installed like the KUKA PC.

Then you can build your catkin workspace as usual.

Usage Notes

  • If you create a library which depends on autharl_core, declare the
    dependency in the catkin_package macro under DEPENDS, in order to avoid
    build, but also (nasty) runtime errors.
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