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Subsonic 6.01 libre beta forked from
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Subsonic Source patched by Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr.
It contains the Subsonic sources with some patches. e.g. Premium status is enabled by default without limits.

Warning: Build takes some Time and will download a lot of Data.

Build Container

docker build -t ulikoenig/subsonic-patch

Run Container

$ docker run -d --net=host -p 4040:4040 -p 9412:9412 -v /var/lib/subsonic:/data:rw -v /mnt/harddrive/Medien:/Medien:ro  ulikoenig/subsonic-patch

I used
as storage for the subsonic local database. So I can destroy the container and rebuild it without loosing the configuration an media database.

My media is stored in

Please change this paths how you like it.

The Parameter "--net=host" is important to give subsonic access to the real external IP. Without this, Sonos support will not work, even if ports are open, because subsonic tells Sonos to make calls to 172.xx.xx.xx IP-adresses.

The Parameter "--e LOCALIP=" can be used to set the IP manually, when the docker container is started.


Open a Browser with http://YOUIPADDRESS:4040

[Optional] Setup Subsonic on Sonos Device

Open http://SONOS_IP:1400/customsd.htm in a browser.


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