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Image to test anemometer (
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  1. Used for testing uWSGI + mod_proxy_uwsgi
  2. To build: docker build -t abba -f dockerfiles/abba/Dockerfile .
  3. To run: docker run -p 8888:8888 -d abba:latest
  4. Then, in your browser, go to http://your-docker-host-ip:8888


  1. Used for testing anemometer—a MySQL slow query log analyser
  2. Copy dockerfiles/ibex/conf/ to dockerfiles/ibex/conf/
  3. Modify dockerfiles/ibex/conf/ and add in the database location/credentials/etc. to have your container connect to the correct anemometer db instance.
  4. To start, specify a port to map for container's port 8888. For example docker run -p 2050:8888 -d avadhutp/ibex
  5. To see anemometer in action, go to http://your-docker-host-ip:2050


  1. Runs lazarus—a terminal-based music app written in go


  1. Runs query_monitor—a collection of recipes running atop anemometer
  2. Before you begin, make sure you rename and modify the conf/query_monitor.yaml.example to conf/query_monitor.yaml
  3. How to run: docker run -t avadhutp/springhare
Command description
healthcheck Runs checks to see if anemometer, jira, and other associated systems are working correctly
frequency_check Identifies frequency queries. For more options for this command see this
Docker Pull Command
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