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Subversion (SVN)
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Docker container with SVN & LDAP support

How to run

To run this container

docker run -d -v data:/svn -v config:/config -p 80:80 aviationcode/subversion:latest

How to create a new repository

docker exec -it my_container /bin/bash

$ svnadmin create /svn/your_new_repo


data is used to store your SVN repository

config/apache contains optional configuration for apache. For example you could add all your ldap permissions here


<Location /svn/website>
    DAV svn
    SVNPath /svn/website
    AuthType Basic
    AuthBasicProvider ldap
    AuthName "svn repository"
    AuthLDAPURL "ldap://ldap/ou=user,dc=acme?uid?sub?(objectClass=Person)"
    AuthLDAPBindAuthoritative on
    AuthLDAPSearchAsUser on
    AuthLDAPCompareAsUser on
        Require valid-user
            Require ldap-group cn=developers,ou=group,dc=acme

/etc/cron.d this gives the abilty to add cron jobs to this container


LDAP to AUTHZ you might want to use this to generate authz files

Docker Pull Command