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Short Description
An automatic build for ubuntu image with GuiHive.
Full Description

A docker image for running guiHive server

An ubuntu 16.04 based docker image containing the compiled guiHive server.

Pull Docker image

docker pull avikdatta/guihive_ubuntu

Run server

USER: vmuser

Access guihive: http://HOST_IP_ADDRESS:8080

Connect to MySQL Hive db

MySQL server should be visible to the docker host

docker run -p8080:8080 --net=host avikdatta/guihive_ubuntu /home/vmuser/guiHive/server/server

Connect to SQLite database

A remote directory location containing the sqlite database files can be mounted in the docker container

  • Run the docker image in interactive mode
    docker run -p8080:8080 -it --net=host --privileged avikdatta/guihive_ubuntu /bin/bash

  • Create a directory under $HOME
    mkdir -p ~/hive_sqlite_db_dir

  • Mount remote directory
    sshfs -o uid=1000,gid=100 remote user@remote_serevr:/path/sqlite_db/ /home/vmuser/hive_sqlite_db_dir/

  • Run GuiHive server

Use path of mounted directory as the sqlite url for the guihive, e.g."sqlite:////home/vmuser/hive_sqlite_db_dir/test_sqlite_hive.db"

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