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Alpine-based ruby build that can run a basic rails application
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Ruby Docker images from Avvo

These Dockerfiles are used to build docker images we use for various Ruby
containers at Avvo.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Edit the Dockerfile you want to update
  3. Build the image (for instance the rails-mysql image):
    docker build -t avvo/avvo-rails-mysql:latest .
  4. Push the image: docker push avvo/avvo-rails-mysql:latest

Two notes:

a. You need permissions to write the images on dockerhub. If you're not an
Avvo person, you probably don't have access. You can push it up to your own
b. Test out your changes on a tag before committing and pushing to latest.


alpine-phantomjs-builder Dockerfile rails rails-5 rails-mysql
rails-mysql-ci ruby ruby-libv8 ruby-libv8-phantomjs


An alpine image with ruby included. Also includes the openssl-dev system
package for compiling gems/software that uses SSL.


Same as rails, but includes mariadb-dev instead of openssl-dev


Uses rails-mysql as the base, and includes aspell, libffi, git client,
openssh client, ruby-irb, and a few other utilities. Also includes
/etc/timezone which is set to Los_Angeles.


Same as rails, but explicitly pulls ruby2.3 from the ruby:2.3-alpine image.


A simple alpine image that includes ruby


An image that includes ruby and the libv8, mini_racer, and nokogiri gems
pre-built. Includes working dockerfiles for alpine and ubuntu.


Same as above, but includes a phantomjs binary. Also, there's no dockerfile
for alpine since the phantomjs binary doesn't work in alpine as of this
writing (phantomjs hangs). The ubuntu image works though.


Meant to be a simple way to build a phantomjs binary compatible with alpine
(for the above libv8-phantomjs) but phantomjs still doesn't seem to work in
alpine. Included in this repo since its output a direct dependency of the
libv8-phantomjs image above.


MIT License. Do what you want, this is just configuration, nothing special.

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