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fission nodejs with mail sending capabilities.
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This package is based on the Fission NodeJS Environment. Please go below to see the documentation there.

The goal of this fission-mailer image is to create a generic nodemailer fission function that can be forked and extended for multiple projects.

Use Cases

Ideally this will support an API endpoint that requires authentication, accepts intelligently prepared values then emails them to the proper person.


These are dependencies that are explicit to this package, not including the dependencies already added in the Fission NodeJS Environment, which can be viewed here.

Fission: NodeJS Environment

This is the NodeJS environment for Fission.

It's a Docker image containing a NodeJS runtime, along with a dynamic
loader. A few common dependencies are included in the package.json

Customizing this image

To add package dependencies, edit package.json to add what you need,
and rebuild this image (instructions below).

You also may want to customize what's available to the function in its
request context. You can do this by editing server.js (see the
comment in that file about customizing request context).

Rebuilding and pushing the image

You'll need access to a Docker registry to push the image: you can
sign up for Docker hub at, or use registries from,, etc. Let's assume you're using a docker hub account
called USER. Build and push the image to the the registry:

   docker build -t USER/nodejs-env . && docker push USER/nodejs-env

Using the image in fission

You can add this customized image to fission with "fission env

   fission env create --name nodejs --image USER/nodejs-env

Or, if you already have an environment, you can update its image:

   fission env update --name nodejs --image USER/nodejs-env   

After this, fission functions that have the env parameter set to the
same environment name as this command will use this environment.

Docker Pull Command