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Docker container used for the December 2014 Meetup
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  • This image holds everything needed for publishing a static website to S3 with s3_website or developing a Jekyll-based website.


  • Based on the ubuntu:14.04.1 container.

Built using the Dockerfile

docker build -t awsmaine/dec2014 .


  • Port 4000 is used for jekyll website testing.
    docker run -ti -v $(pwd)/:/site -p 4000:4000 awsmaine:dec2014

Create a Jekyll site and test-serve it from the container

cd /site
jekyll new blog
cd blog

Change the syntax highligher used by jekyll to rouge instead of pygments (default)

echo "highlighter: rouge" >> _config.yml

Set the jekyll bind-to-host to be so it doesn't bind to localhost (

jekyll serve -H

Browse test served site

If using boot2docker, get the boot2docker VM's IP

BOOT2DOCKERIP=$(boot2docker ip)

Then browse to the boot2docker IP in the browser:


Configure s3_website and upload website

Generate new config

s3_website cfg create

FILE: s3_website.yml:

s3_id:     AKIxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
s3_secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
s3_bucket: my-s3-bucket
  - .html
  - .css
  - .md
gzip_zopfli: false
cloudfront_distribution_id: E2xxxxxxxxxxxx

Build site and push to s3

s3_website cfg apply
s3_website push
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