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Standalone riak-explorer docker container. Bring your own riak cluster.
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riak-explorer on Docker

Standalone riak-explorer docker container. Bring your own riak cluster.



There are some configurable environmental variables that will set some riak settings. See how the config is set for further explanation.


    Set to off for production deployments.

     clusters.default.development_mode = ${RIAK_EXPLORER_DEVELOPMENT_MODE}
  • RIAK_EXPLORER_PORT (default: 9000)

    The port to run on

     listener =${RIAK_EXPLORER_PORT}
  • RIAK_NODE_NAME (default: riak)

    Name of riak node to connect to. Used when computing RIAK_NODE. Ignored if RIAK_NODE is specifed.

  • RIAK_IFACE (default: eth0)

    RIAK_IFACE is used to find the device that the IP_ADDRESS is pulled from, see RIAK_NODE.


    Address of a riak node

     clusters.default.riak_node = ${RIAK_NODE}

    IP_ADDRESS is set to ip -o -4 addr list $RIAK_IFACE | awk '{print $4}' | cut -d/ -f1).

  • RIAK_EXPLORER_USER_CONFIG (default: /riak_explorer/etc/user.conf)

    Path to a riak configuration file. This file will be appended to the end of the riak config file before start. These will overwrite anything defined in the main riak config file, including those set above via environmental variables.


  • /var/log/riak_explorer - Logs from riak are not processed through syslogd and are not avaiable through docker logs (due to a bug in the riak_explorer binary distribution). Mount for logs file access.
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