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docker inspect → docker run

A simple module to reverse engineer a docker run command from an existing container (via docker inspect). Just pass in the container names or ids that you want to reverse engineer and rekcod will output a docker run command that duplicates the container.

This is not super robust, but it should hopefully cover most arguments needed.

This module calls docker inspect directly, and the user running it should be able to as well.

(If you didn't notice, the dumb name for this package is just "docker" in reverse.)

Install and Usage


$ npm i -g rekcod
# single container
$ rekcod container-name

docker run -d --name container-name ...
# multiple containers
$ rekcod another-name 6653931e39f2 happy_torvalds

docker run -d --name another-name ...

docker run -d --name stinky_jones ...

docker run -d --name happy_torvalds ...


$ npm i --save rekcod
const rekcod = require('rekcod')
// single container
rekcod('container-name', (err, run) => {
  if (err) return console.error(err)
// multiple containers
rekcod(['another-name', '6653931e39f2', 'happy_torvalds'], (err, run) => {
  if (err) return console.error(err)
  run.forEach((r) => {
    console.log('\n', r.command)

Fields Supported

rekcod will translate the following docker inspect fields into the listed docker run arguments.

docker inspect docker run
Name --name
HostConfig.Binds -v
HostConfig.PortBindings -p
HostConfig.Links --link
HostConfig.PublishAllPorts -P
HostConfig.NetworkMode --net
HostConfig.RestartPolicy --restart
Config.Hostname -h
Config.ExposedPorts --expose
Config.Env -e
Config.Entrypoint --entrypoint
`Config.Image Image` image name or id
Config.Cmd command and args

Also, rekcod assumes -d to run the container in detached/background mode.

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