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Jetty 9.2.7.v20150116

Base Docker Image

  • java:7

How to use this image

Starting an instance

docker run --name jetty-instance -p -d ayannah/jetty

An example of running Jetty with additional options:

docker run --name jetty-instance -p -d ayannah/jetty jetty --help

On first startup, the container will check if /var/lib/jetty is empty, and it
will initialize the folder when necessary.

By default, these are the modules enabled:

  • http
  • deploy
  • jsp
  • jstl
  • annotations
  • logging

During startup, the container will update the owner of all files and folders in
/var/lib/jetty to the jetty user.

Environment Variables


Used to pass additional JVM options. By default, Jetty will use the JVM

Data volumes

This image declares the JETTY_BASE folder (/var/lib/jetty) as a data volume.

Deploying a WAR file

To copy a WAR file from your current directory to a running container, you may
opt to do the following:

docker run \
    -it \
    --rm \
    --volumes-from jetty-instance \
    -v $(pwd):/mnt \
    ayannah/jetty \
    sh -c 'cp /mnt/*.war /var/lib/jetty/webapps'

If your container is running, you will need to restart it to update the
permissions of the WAR file.

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