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This is ALMinium docker version.
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This is ALMinium's docker version. Once you install docker and docker-compose, you can use ALMinium easily with command "docker-compose up -d", and custormize easily by modifying docker-compose.yml.

(Japanese) ALMiniumのDocker版を作ってみるサイトです。
docker-composeを利用していますので、docker-compose.ymlのホスト名、ポート番号や環境変数を変更することでカスタマイズ出来ます。起動は、"docker-compose up -d"と叩くだけです。



install docker

for example, in the case of Ubunt16.04:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade
curl -fsSL | sh


install docker-compose

see or
for example:

sudo su
[sudo] password for user-name: (your password)
curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` > /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

How to start

Start with docker-compose

git clone  
cd docker-alminium  
sudo docker-compose up -d  

You can use AMinium(Redmine + several plugins) trough web-browser with URL http://localhost:10080.
And you can change the hostname and the port number(defaults to 10080) by editing docker-composer.yml and restarting.
After the sudo docker-compose up -d execution, initialization processing of several tens of seconds to several minutes is done. If the display error occurs in the browser, please wait for a while and then display again.
(Japanese)ブラウザで http://localhost:10080 をアクセスするとALMiniumが表示されます。
sudo docker-compose up -d 実行後に、数十秒~数分程度の初期化処理が行われます。ブラウザーで表示エラーになる場合は、しばらく待ってから、再表示してください。

Jenkins initialization

After installation, when accessing Jenkins service for the first time, the initialization process starts. For initial password, use /home/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword.
Also, when doing authentication collaboration with ALMinium (Redmine), please activate Redmine plugin at initialization or after initialization.
After that, set "Jenkins management" → "Global security setting" → "Enable security" → "Select Redmine user authentication" and set as follows.

  • Redmine DBMS : MySQL
  • DB Server : db
  • Port : 3306
  • DB name : alminium
  • DB user : alminium
  • DB passwoerd: alminium
  • Redmine version: 1.2.0以上

(Japanese)インストール後、最初にJenkinsサービスにアクセスすると、初期化処理が開始されます。初期パスワードは、 /home/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword を利用してください。
また、ALMinium(Redmine)と認証連携をする場合は、初期化時あるいは初期化後に、Redmine pluginを有効化してください。

  • Redmine DBMS : MySQL
  • DBサーバー : db
  • ポート番号 : 3306
  • データベース名: alminium
  • DBユーザー : alminium
  • DBパスワード : alminium
  • Redmineバージョン: 1.2.0以上

To use behind a proxy

To use behind a proxy, please add environment variables, http_proxy and https_proxy, into docker-compose.yml.

Environment Variables

You can configure by modifying Envitonment Variables in docker-compose.yml.

name description
ALM_HOSTNAME The hostname of the ALMinium server. It should be set to server name or IP address, to be accessable from clients.
ALM_PORT The port of the ALMinium server. This value indicates the public port on which the ALMinium application will be accessible on the network and appropriately configures ALMinium to generate the correct urls. It does not affect the port on which the internal apache2 server will be listening on. Defaults to 443 if ALM_ENABLE_SSL=y, else defaults to 80.
ALM_ENABLE_SSL Enable SSL, y(es) or N(o). Defaults to N. Enabling this, self-signed certification will be created and used automatically(*).
ALM_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT The relative url of the ALMinium server. If set "alminium", you can access http://localhost:10080/alminium/ Defaults to null, means no sub-directory.
ALM_ENABLE_AUTO_BACKUP Enable auto backup, y(es) or N(o). Defaults to y.
ALM_BACKUP_MINUTE Auto backup schedule, crontab minute section(0-59). Defaults to 0.
ALM_BACKUP_HOUR Auto backup schedule, crontab hour section(0-23). Defaults to 3.
ALM_BACKUP_DAY Auto backup schedule, crontab day section(0-31). Defaults to */2.
ALM_BACKUP_EXPIRY Auto backup schedule, how long (in days) to keep backups before they are deleted. Defaults to 14.
JENKINS_ENABLED Enable Jenkins, true or false. Defaults to false. If true, you can access Jenkins through "http[s]://{ALMinium Host}/jenkins"
JENKINS_URL Jenkins URL. If JENKINS_ENABLED is true, you must specify this. Defaults to http://jenkins:8080/jenkins
SMTP_ENABLED Enable smtp mail delivery, true or false. Defaults to false.
SMTP_ENALBLE_STARTTLS_AUTO Enable STARTTLS, true or false. Defaults to true.
SMTP_ADDRESS SMTP server host address. Defaults to
SMTP_PORT SMTP server port. Defaults to 587.
SMTP_DOMAIN SMTP domain. Defaults to
SMTP_AUTHENTICATION Specify the SMTP authentication method. Defaults to :login.
SMTP_PASS SMTP password.

*If you like to change the certification file, you should dive into ALMinium container with command "docker exec -it (container's name) /bin/bash", and then put your certification file on the place you like, and change /etc/opt/alminium/redmine-ssl.conf's certification description.

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