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A docker container to build our docs with LaTeX
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This repo has been migrated to gitlab

LaTeX container

This is our LaTeX container used to build all enterprises documents like invoice and quote.


use the /data volume to mount your tex directory and run :

  docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd)/tests/:/data pdflatex file.tex file.pdf

or if your LaTeX source directory is managed by Makefile :

  docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/data make pdf

LaTeX sty subdirectory

Somes LaTeX .sty file :

  • beamerthemeAzae.sty : Le Theme Beamer d'Azaé
  • devis.sty / facture.sty : Packages de création de devis et de factures Françaises.
  • tango.sty : Définition des couleurs Tango

sty usage

You can Clone this repo and add sty path in TEXINPUTS environement variable like

git clone ~/latex
echo 'TEXINPUTS=$TEXINPUTS:~/latex/sty/' >> ~/.bashrc

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