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[DEPRECATED] Image that allows you to setup your SD card and write Yocto Raspberry Pi 2 image
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[DEPRECATED] Use instead.

  1. Insert your sd card and unmount ALL partitions before proceeding to the next step. In the following command (only the first occurrence) use the name of sd card device (eg. mmcblk0);
  2. docker run -it --name flasher --device=/dev/mmcblk0:/dev/mmcblk0 --privileged azasypkin/lighthouse-flasher:0.5
  3. cd /home/pi && ./
  4. When prompt arises - act accordingly.

If you try to go through these steps several times, don't forget to stop and remove "flasher" container - "docker stop flasher && docker rm flasher", or just attach to the existing container.

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