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Reportserver ( version 2.2 along with mysql DB (azeemdin/rs-db)
Full Description

First get the MySQL DB up for report server as below
docker run -d --name rs-db azeemdin/rs-db

After the container is up, the reportserver db need to be setup as below

1- Connect the container
docker exec -it rs-db /bin/bash
2- Connect to DB
mysql --user=root --password=dis2004
3- Create database
create database reportserver;
use reportserver;
4- Create tables from script
source reportserver-RS2.2.2-5639-schema-MySQL5_CREATE.sql
5- Commit and exit

Then use below command to make report server up, select/change the ports as required

docker run -d --name reportserver -e JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64 -p 8282:8085 --link rs-db azeemdin/reportserver sh

Once report server is up (it takes some time, verify from logs of the container), then try accessing the URL as below
credentials: root/root

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