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A super small Docker image based on Alpine Linux by Azuki -
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A super small Docker image based on Alpine Linux.

Alpine versions (tags)

- latest, 3.4
- 3.3
- 3.2

Usage with azk

Example of using that image with azk:

 * Documentation:

// Adds the systems that shape your system
  "my-app": {
    // More info about alpine image:
    image: {"docker": "azukiapp/alpine:3.4"},
    // Steps to execute before running instances
    provision: [
      // "./",
    mounts: {
      '/azk/#{manifest.dir}': path("."),
    workdir: "/azk/#{manifest.dir}",
    // command: "# command to run app. i.g.: `./`",
    wait: false,

Extend image with Dockerfile

Install postgresql-client:

# Dockerfile
FROM azukiapp/alpine:3.4

RUN  apk add --update postgresql-client \
  && rm -rf /var/cache/apk/* /var/tmp/*

CMD ["psql"]

To more packages, access alpine packages


Azuki Dockerfiles distributed under the Apache License.

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