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Base docker image to run Elixir applications (with image magick, postgresql and git) in azk
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Base docker image to run Elixir applications (with image magick, postgresql and git) in

Elixir Versions (tags)

- latest, 1, 1.3, 1.3.0

Image content use

Usage with azk

Example of using this image with azk:

 * Documentation:

// Adds the systems that shape your system
  "elixir-pg-imagick": {
    // Dependent systems
    depends: [], // postgres, mysql, mongodb ...
    // More info about elixir-pg-imagick image:
    image: {"docker": "azukiapp/elixir-pg-imagick:1.3"},
    // or use Dockerfile to custimize your image
    //image: {"dockerfile": "./Dockerfile"},
    // Steps to execute before running instances
    provision: [
      "/azk/#{manifest.dir}"       : sync("."),
      "mix do deps.get, compile",
      // Phoenix provision steps
      // "mix ecto.create",
      // "mix ecto.migrate",
    workdir: "/azk/#{manifest.dir}",
    command: "mix run --no-halt",
    // command: "mix phoenix.server --no-deps-check",
    wait: {"retry": 20, "timeout": 1000},
    mounts: {
      "/azk/#{manifest.dir}"       : sync("."),
      // Elixir
      "/root/.hex"                 : persistent("#{}/.hex"),
      "/azk/#{manifest.dir}/deps"  : persistent("#{}/deps"),
      "/azk/#{manifest.dir}/_build": persistent("#{}/_build"),
    scalable: {"default": 1},
    http: {
      domains: [ "#{}.#{azk.default_domain}" ]
    ports: {
      http: "4000",
    envs: {
      // set instances variables
      MIX_ENV: "dev"

Extend image with Dockerfile

Install more packages:

# Dockerfile
FROM azukiapp/elixir-pg-imagick:1.3

# install nodejs
RUN  apk add --update nodejs \
  && rm -rf /var/cache/apk/* /var/tmp/* \

CMD ["iex"]

To build the image:

$ docker build -t azukiapp/elixir-pg-imagick-node:1.3 .

To more packages, access alpine packages

Usage with docker

To run the image and bind to port 4000:

$ docker run -it --name my-app -p 4000:4000 -v "$PWD":/myapp -w /myapp azukiapp/elixir-pg-imagick:1.3 iex


# with azk
$ azk logs my-app

# with docker
$ docker logs <CONTAINER_ID>


"Azuki", "azk" and the Azuki logo are Copyright 2013-2016 Azuki Serviços de Internet LTDA.

azk source code is released under Apache 2 License.

Check LEGAL and LICENSE files for more information.

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