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Zulu is a fully tested, compatibility verified, and trusted binary distribution of OpenJDK 8/7/6.
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What is Zulu?

Zulu is a widely available binary distribution of OpenJDK. Zulu distributions are fully tested and compatibility verified builds of the latest versions of the OpenJDK 8, 7, and 6 platforms. Zulu is available free of charge for Linux, Windows, and MacOS platforms, with commercial support available upon request.

Zulu is built, tested, supported and made available by Azul Systems.

Tags and Dockerfile links

The Zulu repository azul/zulu-openjdk provides multiple tagged images. The latest Zulu OpenJDK 8, 7, and 6 versions are:

8u131, 8, latest (8u131/Dockerfile)

7u141, 7, latest (7u141/Dockerfile)

6u93, 6, latest (6u93/Dockerfile)

Earlier Zulu OpenJDK 8, 7, and 6 releases can be found at:

8u11, 8u20, 8u25, 8u31, 8u40, 8u45, 8u51, 8u60, 8u65, 8u66, 8u72, 8u92, 8u102, 8u112, 8u121

7u60, 7u65, 7u72, 7u76, 7u79, 7u80, 7u85, 7u91, 7u95, 7u101, 7u111, 7u121, 7u131

6u53, 6u56, 6u59, 6u63, 6u69, 6u73, 6u77, 6u79, 6u83, 6u87, 6u89


This Zulu repository supports multiple versions of OpenJDK-based Java SE JDKs. Zulu versions 8, 7, and 6 are compliant with Java SE 8, Java SE 7, and Java SE 6, respectively.

For example, you can run a Zulu OpenJDK 8 container with the following command:

docker run -it --rm azul/zulu-openjdk-debian:8 java -version

Similarly, you can run a Zulu OpenJDK 7 container with the following command:

docker run -it --rm azul/zulu-openjdk-debian:7 java -version

And you can run a Zulu OpenJDK 6 container with the following command:

docker run -it --rm azul/zulu-openjdk-debian:6 java -version
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Comments (3)
2 years ago

I've changed delitescere/java to be JRE compact3 (using Zulu Embedded) so it's now just 73MB. The full JDK is delitescere/jdk.

2 years ago

I have an Alpine Linux (based on BusyBox) image delitescere/java that comes in at 165MB. Zulu 8 only for now.

3 years ago

Glad you're now shipping Docker images :) Do you intend building compact versions as well, maybe with a smaller distro (busybox)?